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LORE Consultancy - Who We Are

Who Are We

We are passionate, lovable, well balanced (most of the time) and a playful body of individuals who contribute their all in service of you. We are human beings and doings!

LORE Consultancy - Who We Are
LORE Consultancy - Why Us?

Why Us?

At LORE we believe passionately in the benefits of coaching and/or training to help individuals and organisations to become the people and businesses they really want to be. To evoke the transformation they desire in order to grow and develop.

What We Do

At LORE we believe passionately in the benefits of training to help individuals, teams and organisations to grow and develop.

LORE Consultancy - Design


Through initial research – that could be about your business, a specific topic or more commonly, the target audience the training is aimed at, we design every one of our programmes to offer fascinating and flexible training that’s action packed and fun to do.

  • Dynamic and pragmatic learning solutions that can be used as soon as participants return to work.

  • Buy-in, full participation and as importantly; relevant and interesting subject matter that the individuals want to and are curious to know more about.

  • It also means that the face to face delivery treats people like adults training the difference of what they know with what they don’t rather than delivering a patronising and boring experience.

  • We believe that all of our training is tailored to specifically meet our clients’ high demands and expectations. And we do!
LORE Consultancy - Coaching


Coaching targets high performance and improvement at work and usually focuses on specific skills and goals, although it may also have an impact on an individual’s personal attributes (such as social interaction or confidence).

“Sometimes we come to a place where the old ways no longer work. Attitudes and behaviours that generated success in the past no longer get the results that you want. Accolades, challenges and achievements that once made us proud no longer fills us up. Strategies for growth no longer delivers results. Brands and businesses that once thrived now limp along, failing to inspire the people they serve or employ. Somehow without any logical explanation, the ‘success formula’ that worked so reliably in the past simply stops working. And we know like it or not, it’s time for change.

The call for change can show up in a number of ways. Sometimes it comes screeching into our lives loud and flamboyant: our team, our company goes through a major re-organisation, the market crashes, sales plummet, or illness or loss in our personal lives, turns our world upside down, sending ripples of change out across every aspect of our life and work. Other times the call to change is more subtle: a quiet, unshakable sense that we’re wasting our lives, that there is something ‘more’, that we are not fulfilling our true potential, that somehow we have taken a path that looks good but fundamentally lacks passion, purpose and meaning.

  • ‘What do we do when we hear this call for change? Often we bury our head in the sand and hope it will go away.’

  • ‘This kind of surface change may work for some time, yet ultimately it is rarely enough to satisfy the deeper demand for change.’

  • ‘True transformation asks much more of us. It asks us to change deeply from the inside out.’

  • This is what it means to truly coach.”
Elle Harrison
LORE Consultancy - Training


A detailed and specifically tailored needs analysis allows our training events to focus on being dynamic, interactive, fun and memorable. Delivered through an adult to adult approach that takes big enough steps to challenge and engage and yet just big enough steps for the learning to embed and for the learning to be understood and memorable.

  • Creativity is a given ensuring that energy levels remain high and fun is woven into the overall experience. A memorable, pleasurable, playful experience for all.

  • Individuals and teams do their jobs even more effectively.

  • Communication and understanding improve.

  • Staff feel more committed and involved in their working lives.

  • Client companies gain a more energised and motivated work force.

  • Individuals and teams are evaluated before and after the event.

What We Believe

We believe in Freedom


Free to be whoever you want to be without judgement. Free to play in the sand pit of creative learning. Free to explore in whom you are becoming. Free to bring all parts of you (not just your good bits) and sometimes, freedom means it gets messy for a while.

We believe in Truth


Our authentic truth is pure, sometimes a bit scary, always beautiful and is what we all have in common: it runs through us all like our DNA.

We believe in Energy


Energy is vibrant, creative, powerful and truly magnificent: it pulsates with aliveness. Tuning this to ensure we have and make resonant choices is what life is about.

We believe in Beauty


This is a beauty that exists within nature, it’s vulnerable, natural and not trying to be anything else – it’s comfortable with who it is.

“And when you’re in a slump, you’re not in for much fun. Un-slumping yourself is not easily done.”
Oh the places you’ll go - Dr. Seuss

LORE Consultancy Logo
LORE Consultancy Logo

“We are not changing what happened – we are changing the way it lives in us.”

Global Impact

LORE is prepared to travel and does so regularly. Here are some of the places our glorious clients reside and how we've helped them. Simply rollover the map...


  • Coaching - 1:1, Private and Corporate
  • Mentoring
  • Training - Leadership
  • Strategic Planning and Strategy
  • Change
  • Behaviour
  • Financial Services


  • Financial Services
  • Sales
  • Communication and Change Programme


  • Leadership and Management
  • Cultural Change
  • Sales
  • Behaviour and Communication
  • Sales Processes
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Leading Change
  • Financial Services


  • Sales and Aftersales
  • Leadership
  • Financial Services

A few of our Client Successes

  • BMW Group work with Lore Consultancy



  • BMW UK work with Lore Consultancy

    BMW UK

    Leadership & Management

  • London Fire Brigade work with Lore Consultancy



  • Porsche work with Lore Consultancy


    Induction Programme

  • Amey work with Lore Consultancy


    Delivering Change
    Customer Service

  • Allianz work with Lore Consultancy



  • eaga Trust work with Lore Consultancy


    Social Mobility
    Mentoring & Leadership

  • Air BP work with Lore Consultancy

    AIR BP

    Cultural Change

“Amanda’s gift as a coach is in her ability to hold a space of loving kindness, laser-sharp intuition, and leaving no stone unturned, no depths unexplored. She goes all the way in there with you and stays right by your side. Plus, she makes me laugh. I would get coached by her, if you want clarity, power and insight.”

Lore Consultancy Logo
Lore Consultancy Logo

“We have been using Amanda to deliver courses to our delegates from staff members to senior manager level for a number of years. We have found that she is able to adapt her style to suit the audience and the subject matter. One thing that has always been consistent is her ability to balance empathy and challenge. She is not afraid to lead people out of their comfort zone but does so in a way that challenges, not terrifies. She always receives excellent feedback from delegates and peers and often refers to the impact being far greater and further reaching than the content of the course itself.”

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If you are wanting to have a warm, dynamic, exciting and thoroughly enjoyable and memorable experience – then you are our type of client.

Whether you would like to chat or meet, we dare you, contact us and let your adventures begin...

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